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If your driving from either direction on the main road... Caya's Cafe is the 1st thing that caught my attention. The menu had soooo many choices... I had to make a several future trips back. I now go there routinely for my morning coffee... But later on the day... The kids in me... gotta have those bobas drinks. Great place to chill and hang out with friends. This place exudes nothing but good vibes!


jody r

Brought my kid there for her dang boba tea. It was our first time. I don't drink these things, but she does all the time, and she said it tasted really good w the right amount of ice n not TOO sweet. Paid 6.60 total for what's in the pic. There is a drive through plus walk up.


lauren lopez

Met the owner this morning and she was so sweet! I got The white chocolate mocha frapp and caramel for my husband, both were great 🙂 we will be back to try some boba!!!



Super cute little drink hut! Nice enough atmosphere that you don't notice that you're gas station adjacent. I've only tried a few different teas. All have been well made. The boba is some of the best I've ever had, with really great prices as well. Don't hesitate to stop by, especially because there is a drive thru, too!


Colleen's Crew

I visited for the first time and had a great experience! The girl working was so sweet and I was able to customize my drink to my liking! I will definitely be back again


Lexi Douglass

I’ve only gotten the taro milk tea with tapioca every time I go but it’s super good! Love that it’s close to the house and I don’t have to go far. They’re always super friendly every time I go and you can never pass up a free bday drink!


Chianna Demanuele

Um this place is the best!! Even waiting a few hours to have my drink it’s still phenomenal and can I mention how they use real fruit in their fruit teas?! Boba is so soft and you can tell it’s made fresh. The line should absolutely be down the block for this place 🫶🫶 10/10 recommend the employees are so sweet as well. I will definitely be coming back 🩷



Love, love, LOVE this place! One of the only boba places in Montgomery. Workers are always so kind and friendly, and know exactly how to help you pick your drink! Their outside area is adorable and they never take too long making the drinks. Not to mention how amazing the drinks are! 10/10, definitely recommend.


Courtney Connelly

We’ve lived here for quite some time and I have to say this is my new fav!! The owner was absolutely the cutest person ever - just SO friendly! And she made the yummiest boba tea and didn’t hold back on the daiquiri! The aesthetic outside is so sweet and cute and I can assure you this place will be my new addiction going forward! Don’t hesitate y’all just go!! 💓💓💓


Valerie Diaz

I’ve been wanting to visit this location for so long! My bf and I got honey dew and taro and they were delicious and fresh!! We can’t wait to try her coffee 😍



It was delicious! The boba is always perfect and all of the drink flavors are incredible. Everyone there is so nice and welcoming. Definitely recommend!

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charming haven near Lake Conroe, precisely at 14626 Highway 105 West, Ste A. The café boasts an enchanting pink facade that harmoniously captures the eye with its inviting outdoor seating arrangement.

Our menu selection is awe-inspiring, offering many delightful treats to satisfy any craving. Firstly, from different Daiquiri flavors to an expansive variety of Snow Cone options, there’s something for everyone. Secondly, if you’re in the mood for something to drink, we have an array of beverages to choose from, including espresso, Frappuccino, and boba tea. Additionally, to top it off, we also offer a delicious selection of pastries to complement your beverage of choice. Lastly, as our business grows, we are committed to expanding our offerings to provide more value and enriching experiences for our valued guests.

Our Drive Thru venture has triumphantly established itself in Montgomery, Texas. Furthermore, we are determined to broaden our reach to other dynamic cities across the United States. So, keep an eye out for more updates on our remarkable progress!